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author of women's fiction
A little about me...
Husband, soulmate, excellent sounding board, jeweler extraordinaire, bringer of coffee in bed, and hands down, the most supportive man on the planet. Every girl needs a guy like this one, but you'll have to find your one. This one's taken! 
Aka: Mr. Peepers. Talents include sleeping, drinking from bathtub faucet, yodling (especially at 4am) and preventing freshly laundered socks from escaping the laundry basket. 
The men in my life...
And they lived happily ever after... 
After more than a decade as a crazy-busy executive in the jewelry business, I decided to leave the corporate world to pursue my lifelong passion for writing. Over the last six years, the Fates have been incredibly kind to me as I have chased my dreams, allowing me to create and share stories I hope will inspire women everywhere to lead fuller and richer lives. And this year, another dream came true for me. I married my soulmate and best friend, which means I'm currently working on my own real life "happily ever after!" We live in Southern New Hampshire. (another dream come true) where I am, as always, working on my next novel, along with help from our ginger cat, Simon, who is my self-appointed writing coach and all around taskmaster. In other words, life is is very, VERY good. Be sure to visit me on Facebook @ Barbara Davis, author of women's fiction!